Veterans’ Medical Issues

Veterans’ Medical Issues


If you are a United States military veteran who has suffered an injury or disability you may be entitled to certain benefits including veteran’s disability compensation. Two unique challenges that veterans confront are discovering exactly what benefits to which you are entitled and successfully being awarded the benefits you have rightfully claimed.

Even when these challenges have been addressed veterans face many of the same frustrations experienced by the civilian population. That is, in complex medical cases, medical care is provided by a confusing array of doctors, specialists and other healthcare providers. The result can often be a failure to provide a consistent and coordinated program of care that provides the best outcome for you.

Bradley Schwartz is an attorney who is licensed to practice in the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veteran’s Claims. As a successful injury attorney and one who has endured his own medical disabilities, Mr. Schwartz possesses the background, experience and credentials to help veterans obtain the medical services they are owed.

Not every veteran’s medical issue is a legal issue. But having an attorney as your advocate can be an effective resource for bringing your multiple caregivers together to prevent problems from occurring before they happen and help make sure you receive the highest level of coordination of your medical care. In addition to his understanding of veterans’ medical needs, Mr. Schwartz has access to a network of counselors, healthcare providers and others that may be able to help you with both your medical needs as well as other pressing issues related to your employment, housing and other personal needs affected by your healthcare issue. Contact Brad to discuss your situation.