Personal Injury and Accidents

Personal Injury and Accidents


L. Bradley Schwartz represents individuals and their families who have been seriously injured, disabled or killed as a result of the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of others.

Whether caused by an automobile accident, the condition of someone’s property or undisclosed hazards, Mr. Schwartz provides effective and aggressive representation so that the client can achieve maximum recovery.  Having represented insurance companies for decades, L. Bradley Schwartz applies his insurance company experience and his courtroom skills to identify and pursue available coverage even when an insurance company initially denies a claim.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

For more than 20 years L. Bradley Schwartz represented the Chicago transportation industry in personal injury defense litigation.  Mr. Schwartz handled tens of thousands of motor vehicle accident cases involving personal automobiles, taxicabs, buses, limousines, trucks, motorcycles, tow trucks, rental vehicles and ride-share companies.

Bicycle Accidents

Chicago has experienced exponential growth in the use of bicycles to commute to work.  Bicyclists compete for road space while aggressive drivers fight for control of city streets causing injury to even he most careful cyclists.  Mr.  Schwartz is dedicated to obtaining compensation to bicycle accident victims injured due to the negligent operation of motor vehicles.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians do have the right of way on the streets and roadways in Illinois. But with distracted driving on the rise many pedestrians wonder if it is safe to cross the street anymore.  With more drivers relying on gps while driving in unfamiliar areas, pedestrian accidents are an unfortunate reality. L. Bradley Schwartz holds reckless and distracted drivers accountable for significant injuries to pedestrians.

Paratransit Accidents

Paratransit services are specialized transportation services offered by transit agencies to provide mobility services to people with disabilities.  Communities often contract with third party providers to manage their transportation obligations.

Injuries can occur during loading and unloading of passengers and during transport.  Often times injuries are compounded by a failure to properly secure a disabled passenger.  Vehicle operator negligence is a frequent cause of paratransit injuries.

Having litigated hundreds of personal injury cases involving paratransit companies, L. Bradley Schwartz is also an individual with physical disabilities and he is himself a frequent paratransit passenger.  His experience allows clients to take advantage of his unique ability to properly understand, investigate and pursue paratransit injury claims.