Patient Advocacy Services

Patient Advocacy Services

L. Bradley Schwartz is a member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants, a national organization dedicated to ensuring that patients obtain the highest level of medical care by helping to facilitate informed medical and healthcare-related decisions. He is also an attorney who has endured serious medical trauma himself.

Demand The Best Medical Care

In complex medical cases, care is often provided by a confusing array of doctors, nurses, residents, specialists and other healthcare providers. The result can be a failure to provide consistent and coordinated care. A patient advocate is someone who can speak up for the patient and fight for appropriate medical care and resources.

Prevent Medical Errors Before They Occur

Early communication and advocacy can often prevent a medical catastrophe. Medical errors can be prevented when patients and their families are empowered to communicate effectively with hospital and medical personnel before harm is caused. L. Bradley Schwartz can assist patients and family members who believe that a hospital or doctor is cutting corners, not listening or otherwise neglecting the patient’s medical needs.

Not every medical issue is a legal issue. But having an attorney as an advocate can help bring multiple healthcare providers together to prevent problems before they happen.

Effectively Communicate With Medical Professionals

When patients and their families confront unexpected medical trauma or illness, they are not always equipped to communicate with their own doctors, nurses, therapists, insurance companies and employers.   L. Bradley Schwartz provides patient advocacy services to individuals and families in need of assistance communicating with healthcare professionals and obtaining the best treatment options available.