Client Services

Client Services

Social network interface businessman touch button.During his more than 20 years practicing law L. Bradley Schwartz earned a reputation as a fearless litigator with exceptional trial skills. He fought thousands of lawsuits for dozens of insurance companies. In 1996 he co-founded Mordini & Schwartz, a law firm known for its relentless defense of insurance companies throughout northern Illinois.

In 2012 Mr. Schwartz started L. Bradley Law LLC, an independent law practice that draws on years of courtroom advocacy to provide guidance, oversight and strategic advice to individuals and businesses during litigation.  Mr. Schwartz has the ability and experience to provide clients with unique and specialized legal services.

Pre-Litigation Strategy

The best way to prevail in court is to make sure you are in a position to win before the case even begins.  This is true for Plaintiffs who want to file a lawsuit.  This is also true for potential defendants who are afraid they might be sued.

L. Bradley Schwartz advises individuals and business on how to prepare for anticipated legal action as soon as litigation is either contemplated or expected. It is important to start developing an effective strategy that includes gathering evidence, identifying available insurance coverage, retaining expert witnesses and creating a litigation plan.

Independent Counsel During Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance companies are always looking for a reason to deny coverage.  Despite advertising that they are “on your side” and that they will treat you “like a good neighbor,” insurance companies would much rather avoid their obligations and find a way to decline coverage.

There are strict laws that govern how insurance companies are required treat  policyholders. But insurance companies don’t always follow the law. If a policyholder or insured is sued, the insurance company has the duty to defend even if the allegations are not true.

L. Bradley Schwartz worked for insurance companies for more than 20 years and he understands the law as well as the methods and tactics that insurance companies use to avoid coverage. If an insurance company take the position that a claim is not covered because of late notice, noncooperation, misstatement or misrepresentation in the application, the insured policyholder has the right to independent counsel and the insurance company must pay the legal bills.

Defense Under A Reservation Of Rights

Insurance companies looking to deny coverage will often send the insured a “reservation of rights” letter.  This is the insurance company’s first step toward attempting to deny coverage and it triggers certain strict procedures that an insurance company must follow. Independent counsel is required when an insurance company defends under a reservation of rights because an insurance company cannot hire its own lawyers to defend an insured and also seek to avoid coverage at the same time.  This is known as a conflict of interest.

L. Bradley Schwartz has defended numerous policyholders as independent counsel when an insurance company denies coverage or refuses to defend. The attorney fees for this type of representation are paid by the insurance company.

Case Evaluation And Liability Analysis

It is common for victims of negligence or malpractice to question whether they have a legal case.  Following a traumatic event, victims often feel helpless while bombarded with suggestions from just about everyone.  Despite good intentions, advice coming from all sides can be overwhelming.

L. Bradley Schwartz provides independent, realistic and honest case evaluations and liability analysis to help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their claim and their potential for recovery. There is no charge for a case evaluation or liability analysis.

Selecting The Right Lawyer

Finding the right lawyer to handle a case is never easy.  This is especially true after a traumatic event when everything suddenly changes.  During periods of physical weakness and emotional grief, injured parties are vulnerable to hasty decisions that could impact the rest of their lives. More often than not, the family friend or the lawyer who handled a divorce case may not be the right lawyer to handle a life-changing catastrophic injury or malpractice case.

L. Bradley Schwartz is an experienced trial attorney with many years of experience representing insurance companies, accident victims, amputees and malpractice survivors. But that does not mean that Mr. Schwartz is the best attorney for every case. Litigation is a specialized field, much like medicine. Just as the best orthopedic surgeon should not perform open-heart surgery, not every lawyer is equipped to handle every type of case.

L. Bradley Schwartz has litigated thousands of cases with and against some of the most prominent law firms in the state of Illinois. The experience of trying cases against many exceptional plaintiff attorneys allows Mr. Schwartz to help clients make informed decisions based on first-hand experience, regardless of the advertising claims made by so many lawyers on television, radio and the internet.

L. Bradley Schwartz can help clients determine which lawyer is the best match for their particular case by helping clients meet and compare law firms so that the client can interview and select the most qualified lawyer for the case. Mr. Schwartz will guide and counsel the potential client during the attorney selection process to make sure that every question is answered at every step of the way.

Selecting the Wrong Lawyer

Injury and malpractice victims should be cautious if a lawyer claims to have never lost a case.  That’s hard to believe. Even the best hitters in baseball strike out every once in a while.  Nobody wins every case and if an attorney claims otherwise, the potential client should probably look elsewhere. Likewise, if a lawyer claims to have won the largest verdict in history of the world, there is probably more to the story.

Clients should be especially cautious if a law firm or attorney initiates contact with an accident victim by calling or visiting the injured person in the hospital.  Some lawyers hire third parties to pretend to be investigators but they are really working for a law firm.

L. Bradley Schwartz is an experienced trial attorney who represented insurance companies for 20 years before losing his limbs to meningitis. Today, Mr. Schwartz works on behalf of severely injured and disabled individuals to ensure that they receive the best legal representation possible.

L. Bradley Schwartz is a private and independent lawyer with a preeminent AV rating from Martindale Hubbell and he is a recipient of the James D. Jacobson Memorial Award for his efforts in making the legal system accessible to those in need. Mr. Schwartz is also a board member of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants and he serves as a peer mentor and advocate for people with disabilities. Clients looking for objective legal advice and assistance choosing the right lawyer should contact Mr. Schwartz for a no-cost consultation.

Resources and Affiliations

In addition to practicing law L. Bradley Schwartz serves the Chicago-area disability community by advocating for proper medical care and offering support for people with disabilities and amputations. Mr. Schwartz helps amputees and individuals with disabilities understand and enforce their legal rights when they confront insurance obstacles, barriers to access and ADA violations in the community and in the workplace.

As a survivor of bacterial meningitis and sepsis, Mr. Schwartz understands the complex process that can lead to amputations and he has the personal experience, litigation skills, insurance background and community resources to provide malpractice and injury victims with personalized, effective and immediate legal representation.

Mr. Schwartz works closely with local and national advocacy organizations to ensure fair treatment in the workplace and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is a member of the Amputee Coalition of America and serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC).