L Bradley Schwartz

L Bradley Schwartz

Award-Winning Trial Attorney

L. Bradley Schwartz handles all types of civil litigation including insurance claims, personal injury, insurance coverage, medical malpractice, automobile accidents and work injuries. For more than 20 years Mr. Schwartz represented insurance companies in courtrooms throughout northern Illinois. Today, he is committed to providing honest and independent representation in all aspects of civil litigation.


Courtroom Trial Experience

Since 1992 L. Bradley Schwartz has represented individuals and businesses in civil lawsuits throughout northern Illinois.  Mr. Schwartz is an accomplished litigator with exceptional courtroom skills and a passion for justice and the truth-seeking process. Mr. Schwartz has litigated thousands of lawsuits and tried hundreds of cases to verdict with an impressive record of success in many jurisdictions including Cook County and all surrounding counties. 

Insurance Claims And Litigation Experience

For decades L. Bradley Schwartz has represented policyholders and insurance companies in negligence litigation and disputes about insurance coverage.  Mr. Schwartz understands the complexities of automobile insurance policies, homeowners insurance policies, health insurance policies, disability insurance policies and employment-related insurance policies.

With years of experience advising insurance companies on claims and coverage decisions, Mr. Schwartz is uniquely qualified to represent policyholders when an insurance company attempts to deny coverage, refuses to defend or agrees to defend subject to a reservation of rights.

Professional Legal Background

L. Bradley Schwartz started his legal career as a trial attorney at a defense litigation firm in Chicago. After leaving to become in-house counsel for an insurance company, he formed Mordini & Schwartz n/k/a Mordini Schwartz Vine. For the next 15 years he defended businesses and individuals in personal injury and claims-related litigation including jury trials, bench trials, appeals, arbitration hearings, declaratory judgment lawsuits, bad faith claims, post-judgment proceedings and administrative hearings.

Mr. Schwartz has litigated thousands of personal injury cases in all northern Illinois courts including jury trials in Cook County, Lake County, DuPage County, Will County, Kane County and Winnebago County. He remained at Mordini & Schwartz until 2012.

Personal Life Experience

In 2004 Mr. Schwartz was hospitalized with meningitis that led to sepsis and caused him to lose his arms and legs. The doctors at the emergency room missed many warning signs and failed to realize that he had meningitis. The hospital’s delay in diagnosing meningitis caused septic shock that ultimately led to the amputations of his limbs.

With the use of prosthetics Mr. Schwartz re-entered the practice of law and began directing his efforts toward cases involving personal injury, medical negligence and misdiagnosis.  By combining his legal skills with his hospital and limb loss experiences, Mr. Schwartz is able to assist people in need of a lawyer who understands the unique challenges that face severely injured clients.

In 2012 Mr. Schwartz started L. Bradley Law, LLC with a focus on medical malpractice, personal injury, patient advocacy and insurance litigation.  He immediately began volunteering his legal services to Chicagoans who were in need of quality legal representation but were not able to afford a high-priced lawyer. In 2014 Mr. Schwartz was honored by the Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc. with the James D. Jacobson Memorial Award for his outstanding efforts in making the legal system accessible to those in need.